Authentic Cinnamon Toast Crunch

It’s unfortunate (for you) that I’m the one posting the week before St. Patrick’s Day, because I’m not exactly a fan of this particular holiday. Green is just not one of my colors, so I end up having a sore hand from all the slapping I have to do because people try to pinch me.

I am, however, Irish in heritage, so I feel obligated to do something.

So I made toast.

That’s authentic, right? Also, I made toast inspired by a favorite childhood cereal because Irish people like cereal, right? I dunno.

Perhaps research would have helped me out today, but eh, it’s Friday and I have to save my hand muscles.

Since toast is kind of involved I was careful to document the entire process, except the toasting process, which I forgot to document. Here’s instruction on how to do that.

Crunchy Cinnamon Toast!


  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Liquid sweetener (I used agave, but honey or maple syrup would suffice)
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Spinkles (optional)


Toast your bread. See the link above for instructions.

Butter your bread, liberally.

I used vegan butter and it’s still working!

Drizzle your sweetener. [insert Ariana Grande reference]

Hopefully you’re still with me, but if not, take your time, and revisit any steps you need to. Print off the page if it helps.

Sprinkle the cinnamon.

You can be done at this step, or continue to make it festive for St. Patrick’s Day

Sprinkle with green sugar sprinkles.

So as you can see… I don’t have green sprinkles and thought that if I combined blue and yellow it would make green. No one was arguing that I was smart, okay?

Alright, now that you’ve eaten this balanced breakfast, go out and flog your Molly or whatever the kids do.

Yar, maties!

-Mary Ellen


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