Buddha bowls (the half-assed version)

Have all yous heard of Buddha bowls? They were very “in” a couple years ago with the blog community, and prior to that vegetarians like myself were eating bowls of grains, pulses, and veggies and just being like “this is food.”

All of the Buddha bowl recipes I’ve seen have been very intricate. Make sure you soak the grains and pulses so they are more digestible. There should be at least 14 kinds of veggies in the two cups of food you’re about to eat. Make sure you soak the grains. Are you using sprouted beans or a fermented vegetable protein? Because those are the only two options that exist. If you don’t arrange it as fancy as possible and also post it to instagram it definitely doesn’t count as a Buddha bowl.

Anyway, my Buddha bowl is almost exactly like that classic version, except the only part I followed was the posting to Insta and blogging about it. I also wanted my Buddha bowl to work as meal prep since it is really stupid to make only one portion of food, and it’s not like my boyfriend will eat rice and beans for dinner with me. So I set out to create a meal, nourishing, but barely involving cooking, that works really well as meal prep for pack-able work lunches. I happened to make my Buddha bowls at 11pm before the start of my work week, because I find that meal prep goes faster when you start an hour after your bedtime.

It’s framed with the time because Mary Ellen are on a campaign to promote truth in food blogging

Start with some aduki beans (I think they’re also called adzuki beans sometimes). I like to use aduki beans because they’re one of the few beans that can safety be eaten at work without investing in special fart filtering underwear . I went with canned beans because I don’t like my 11pm meal prep to take 12 hours.

You’re also going to want some brown rice, or, like, another kind of grain. I found these microwavable brown rices and frequently use them for work lunches or times that I’m feeling very lazy.

And now we get to the “cooking” of this Buddha bowl. I imagine you could maybe use raw vegetables, but you’re still going to need to chop them or something, so you might as well chop up a bunch of greens and saute them in a tiny bit of oil, garlic powder, and salt. This was the longest, most taxing part of my late night meal prep. It took somewhere in the range of 3-5 minutes. But it was worth the investment. I bought a yam to roast for these Buddha bowls. It’s still sitting on my counter.

Since this is meal prep, I put the Buddha bowls in fancy glass containers so that when I dump everything together it will look so nice.

Buddha bowls are traditionally served with simple, but time consuming, homemade sauces. I opted for premade goddess dressing and packed it separately in a tiny container. I had a delicious meal at work two days in a row, and it was almost so good that I forgot that I have to spend most of my time working to afford my dog’s prescription food.

Remember to take 40 pictures of your work lunch and post all over social media


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