Meet the Authors

Mary Ellen

I’m always a mess. Giggle giggle.

My name is Mary Ellen Clambersmash. Yes, I’m related to Benedetto Cameraphone, in case you’re wondering. I’m the mother of three beautiful children. My two daughters are furry, and they don’t speak English for whatever reason, and their origins are unknown, but I still send them to the best schools. My son is pink and squishy, more like regular humans. I’m currently trying to get him a play date with the royal children, but I haven’t gotten a call back (fingers crossed!). I also have a husband, who claims paternity over my brood.
I spend my days playing with a baby and inventing stories in my head. Some may call that the beginnings of insanity, others, a writer. I’d like to think a little of both columns. I have a passion for travel, cooking, my family, and sarcasm. When I grow up, I want to be a firefighter, a princess, or a stunt driver.




Why hello there! I’m Serafina Berafina. When I’m not at my day job, I’m pretending to be a farmer in my little backyard. I live with my chickens and tortoise, as well as my boyfriend and his many cats. I often attempt gardening with little to show for my efforts at the end of the season. I’m in graduate school trying to become the next Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (without actually becoming a doctor), which means I spend most of my time making hats and watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman reruns.